10. Is it difficult to drive to the castle? In Italy?

We will provide you with detailed driving instructions to the castle.  The last stretch of road to the castle is a strada bianca (literally translated as “white road”), which is an unpaved road and is usually in good condition.  Heavy rainstorms can, of course, turn the trip into a bumpy ride. After a series of curves taking you uphill, you arrive at the castle parking area. Take your time and feel free to use your horn as another car may be coming from the opposite direction.

As for driving in Italy, the roads are well maintained and extremely well marked.  On a two-lane highway (that is, two lanes going in each direction), Italian drivers know to keep to the right so that faster drivers can pass on the left.  It is very important to remember this rule.

Additionally, many cities have installed video cameras that record infractions, such as entering a limited traffic zone or a zone reserved for residents.  Be assured that your rental car company will pass the cost on to you!

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