12. Will we need electric adapters? Will our hairdryers and other appliances work in Italy?

Each bathroom has a hair dryer, the house has an iron (as well as an ironing board) – all use 240 volts typical of Italy.  In contrast, most small appliances from the U.S. run on 120 or 125 volts. 

As for your own electrical devices, check the voltage requirements usually found somewhere on the plug or the appliance. Men’s electric razors usually work with a range of 100 – 240 volts, but check to make sure before packing it in your suitcase. More sophisticated appliances, like most laptop computers, work on 120 –240 AC/DC, so you need only bring a simple plug adapter, which has round prongs rather than flat ones such as are used throughout the U.S.

Always check the requirements of your appliance before using a plug adapter.  If you simply use a plug adapter on an appliance brought from the U.S. that can’t handle 240 volts, you will probably ruin your appliance and trip the circuit breakers in the house. If you feel that you will need a step-down converter to protect your 120 appliance, you should bring it with you.

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