21. What are the negatives?

Because of the stone paving and the various stone steps we do not recommend the castle for people who are not steady on their feet.  At the same time, some of our guests have been very spry 80-year-olds.

The road is well maintained, but a severe rainstorm can create potholes.  Otherwise it’s a pleasant drive with the promise of an oasis at the end of the road.

As is usual in the country, there are spiders, bees, mosquitoes, flies and the occasional field mouse.  Window screens keep this to a minimum and also keep out bats. (Bats eat insects.) Tiny lizards live outside on the stonewalls.      Occasionally a charming moth that looks remarkably like a hummingbird flits about the flowers. On the road at night you may see a wild boar, a hare, an owl, and rarely a porcupine.  You may hear the nightingale’s song. And in the daytime, doves coo in the almond tree and songbirds sing.

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